If you like our donuts, you'll love our biscuits! Inquire about our hand-mixed, hand-rolled and hand-cut buttermilk biscuits for special events:

Official donut and biscuit maker for Queens Comfort


Fridays (Donuts)

8am - 10am (pop-up window)

11am  -  4pm (or until sold out)

Saturdays (Rainbow Cookie Crumb Cake)

10am - Until sold out

Sunday (Donuts)

10am  -  4pm (or until sold out)

*Availability subject to change!!*

For special events, catering and wholesale inquiries:

dOnut Diva

Find us @ Queens Comfort

*Please note that some baked goods may contain or have traces of nuts or may be made alongside other products containing nuts.

Donuts &

Rainbow Cookie Crumb Cake

Availability @

Queens Comfort


Can I order Donuts for Catering?

Due to our limited capacity, at this time we do not offer donuts for catering. You may pick-up up to 4 donuts to go from Queens Comfort when donuts are served while supplies last!   I do offer my cookies for catering, as well as the rainbow cookie crumb cake.

​Do you ship or deliver the rainbow cookie crumb cake?

Unfortunately, we do not ship or deliver our rainbow cookie crumb cake at this time.  Please contact donutdivany@yahoo.com to order a rainbow cookie crumb cake for pick-up from Queens Comfort (one week advance notice required).

Where are your baked goods sold?
You can get my donuts and other sweet treats from Queens Comfort in Astoria.  The rainbow cookie crumb cake and certain cookies are also available at Sweetie Pies on Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor (Long Island).

What's your favorite color?

Pink, duh!!!